Works in Progress 

Book-Length Projects

"My Dark Room"

Taking the camera obscura as its conceptual model, this monograph tells the story of how eighteenth-century English subjects created inner worlds for themselves with the material features and designs of interior spaces in everyday life. For more about the project, go here.

"Writing’s Maker"

This monograph examines how embodied acts of inscription and their materials were experienced and understood as interconnected channels of thinking, creating and record making for writers of the long eighteenth century and beyond.  Individual chapters will deal with memory and tombstone graffiti, the interface between manuscript and print, walking as a form of inscription, and the tensions between writing as a process of creativity on one hand and record-making on the other

"Like Life"

This book project investigates the materials and aesthetic standards used to create the semblance of life across different media throughout cultural history, from the early modern period and eighteenth century to the contemporary moment.  How have human beings throughout the history of modernity attempted to imitate, record and replicate the experience of being alive as embodied subjects in a material world?  How might such information be accessed and how was it consciously preserved in daily acts of archiving one’s own life?  Like Life is organized around five major attributes and techniques of life-likeness in visual, archival and narrative experiences: transparency, depth, point of view, preservation and projection.

Edited Collections

"Organic Supplements: Bodies, Objects and the Natural World, 1580-1750," under contract, University of Virginia Press

Co-edited with Miriam Jacobson, "Organic Supplements" is an interdisciplinary collection of essays on the intimate bonds between living, organic things of the natural world and the human beings who wore, used and lived with them throughout the early modern period and eighteenth century.  

“Getting Perspective,” guest edited special issue of Word and Image

An interdisciplinary collection of articles on the role of perspective in the visual forms of different historical periods and media, and their relationship with texts.  Article subjects range from Renaissance architectural plans and eighteenth-century optical devices to postwar German monuments and the drone warfare aerial imagery archive.  Contributors represent the fields of architectural history, art history, literary studies, visual art, and new media.

Selected Articles

“Stories Told in the Camera Obscura: Zoe Leonard’s Archival Projections,” under review at peer-reviewed journal.

“Making the Automaton Speak: Hearing Voices in the Eighteenth Century,” essay commissioned for AI Narratives, edited by Sarah Dillon, Kanta Dihal, Stephen Cave, under contract with Oxford University Press.

“Facing the Dummy in Eighteenth-Century Aesthetic Discourse,” essay commissioned for The Routledge Handbook of Dehumanization, edited by Maria Kronfeldner, under contract with Routledge.

“Cottage Dreams and Desires,” essay commissioned for Home is Where the Start Is: Interrogating Eighteenth-Century Domesticity, edited by Karen Lipsedge and Stephen Hague, under consideration at Routledge.